Layout for online shop


Our goal was to create a unique online shop project for the Polish brand of sonic toothbrushes – Seysso. The task involved harmonizing the company’s aesthetics with an innovative approach to e-commerce to create a distinctive shopping experience. While designing the shop, we aimed to maintain a boutique character while focusing on key elements essential for an e-commerce project, ensuring effective conversion. Our mission was to craft an online space that perfectly reflects Seysso’s values, simultaneously capturing attention in the competitive e-commerce market.


During the project creation process, we drew inspiration from Seysso products and minimalist boutiques. The client’s priority was not only selling but also educating and building brand awareness. Therefore, we implemented solutions such as category descriptions and instructional videos on the homepage, providing not only consumer value but also supporting optimal SEO indexing.

Product cards were designed with a focus on comprehensive information delivery before purchase, and their structure enables easy implementation of subscription sales options in the future. The store, based on the IdoSell system, was carefully tailored to fully leverage the potential offered by this platform, both from the front-end and content management system perspectives. Our implementation not only meets client expectations but also effectively addresses the needs of the e-commerce market, while gaining optimal SEO support.

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