Saucony Originals

Saucony Jazz Campaign


Creating a fresh campaign for Saucony Originals, specifically for the Jazz Vintage model, which is a symbol of the rich running history of the brand. Today, Saucony Jazz, as a retro runner, has gained to the status of sneakers and a symbol of street culture.


In our campaign, we opted for vibrant colors and a simple yet striking design that resonates with the retro aesthetics, perfectly aligning with the character of the Saucony Jazz model. Our aim was to stand out amidst other campaigns and capture the attention of our target audience. Through dynamic graphics, creative compositions, and contrasting colors, we aimed to convey energy and street fashion flair, while highlighting the uniqueness of the Jazz Vintage model. Our campaign sought to generate interest and engage the audience, persuading them to choose this iconic sneaker offering from Saucony Originals.

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