Bitter Bikes

Market entry campaign, Social Media, UX/UI


  • Website design and development
  • Development and implementation of the BITTER brand’s market entry strategy
  • Preparation of a social media campaign
  • Creation of photo and video content for the campaign and Instagram, Facebook channels
  • Preparation of advertising materials for Meta and Google Ads campaigns


Our team was tasked with developing and implementing the market entry strategy for the BITTER brand. We focused on showcasing the gravel bike in its natural environment – suburban gravel paths, meadows, and forests, highlighting not only the sporty aspect but also the genuine adventure that accompanies gravel cycling enthusiasts as they explore new routes.

To achieve an authentic message, the campaign style drew inspiration from raw reportage and documentary films. We created unique photo and video content, utilizing both digital and analog technology, which we employed in the campaign across Instagram and Facebook channels, effectively capturing the attention of the cycling community.

Furthermore, we prepared advertising materials for the Meta and Google Ads campaigns, ensuring efficient marketing efforts. Our carefully planned and executed actions introduced the BITTER brand to the market and strengthened its position throughout the ongoing season. Additionally, by managing the Social Media profiles, we continue to promote the brand effectively and engage the Bitter Bikes community.


The strategy preparation was carried out in close collaboration with the client. Following the conceptual phase, we conducted a 2-day off-site photo and video session, gathering visual material for all stages of the branding and sales campaign.

The campaign was divided into stages to infuse an air of mystery around the brand in the initial days of launching the Instagram and Facebook profiles but we hinted slightly to the audience that they were dealing with a cycling company. During the teasing phase, we carefully managed controlled leaks to industry magazines, redirecting the target audience to the brand’s social media channels.

The next stage involved the launch of pre-sales, preceded by a series of films and photos showcasing the product in action. These materials focused on the experiences and emotions the product provides, rather than its specific features or technical aspects. Technical details were only available on the website, to which we directed all traffic from social media.

In the subsequent months, our focus shifted to regular publications and the implementation of Meta advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. We directed traffic from these platforms to the website

Facebook ads

The Facebook Ads campaigns were primarily geared towards driving traffic to the website and generating conversions. To a lesser extent, they aimed at acquiring new traffic due to intense competition and a limited budget.


Despite the limited budget for advertising campaigns, we managed to achieve the intended sales goal. The created materials met the brand’s expectations in terms of the impact they had on the target audience and brand perception.

This accomplishment serves as an example that a good understanding of the target audience is more crucial than a significantly large advertising budget, as it allows for much better and more efficient resource utilization.

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